foodie business plan Here are

foodie business plan

Here are the notes I made for a foodie web site about a year ago now, but I’ve never got around to it..

guest reviews for chester, get celebraties to write reviews.
reader reviews.
special offers.
recipies from resteraunts.
online booking??
Wine reviews, links/deals with mad about wine, favourite wines in resturants from mad about wine.
adverts – sponsorship.
Books on cooking – amazon.
Good curry guide tie in.
inteviews with chefs/owners of resteraunts.
Events.- hey pesto spnsored events.
WAP – reduced site.
Search engine

Technical stuff.

Host website needs CGI scripts.
linking to search engines.
MINE types for WAP
CGI scrips…recommendations/comments, message board.user tracking.
online booking.????

my other interest “food” is

my other interest “food”

is taking up some more of my time and I’ve been discussing with a few of my friends about some sort of foodie blog for chester. I’m still thinking about how to do it and what it’s contents would be and if or how it could generate some money or even a few free meals!

So i’ll try and talk about the technology behind the project and the decisions taken to come up with the final solution. I’ve already created a test blog on blogger to see what it looks like, but I’m leaning towards typepad purely for it’s clean lines..

There are a few things that I need to test out that i think may be a requirement of the site, such as a search engine.

But I think the big thing will be pursueding the guys and girls to contribute to it!

wireless hell in our house

wireless hell

in our house we have an 802.11 wireless network for data, a DECT wireless telephone system for voice and now a wireless baby monitor and they don’t mix!

The baby monitor has been playing havoc with the DECT phone. The phone rings you can hear the person at the other end then nothing. So a bit of trial and error identified the fact that the baby monitor must be interfering.

I haven’t been able to test the impact the baby monitor has had on the wireless network. i’ve run simple speed test on ADSLguide using the wireless network and it appears ok, but maybe I should do it again to see if there is an impact on the throughput of the network.

I’ve got a couple of mobile phones with bluetooth on them I should give them a go too, see if they can add to the wireless mess that is our house at the moment!

The mobile phones are fine by the way, we’ve resorted to using them whilst the baby monitor is on.

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