1. reset the thermometer..that was

1. reset the thermometer..that was fun, I testng the reading of the watch thermometer, (I never told you what it was a Casio 3 sensor pro-trek) by placing it next to the normal wall hanging thermometer we have. First it went into the front room, a stable temp room with no one or thing in it. After about half an hour the watch read 4 degrees more than the normal thermometer. Next the fridge, yep I stuck the two thermometers in the fridge (on a bit of kitchen paper). After about an hour, I forgot they were in there!, the watch was reading 1 degree C an the other 4 degrees. So it looks like the watch is a bit sensitive. Back to the office then for a test in that room and again the watch read about 4 degreees more than the other. So I figured that the watch thermometer needed to be adjusted down by 4 degrees. It now reads a more sensible temperature and hopefully it’ll now provide more accurate information.

2. Easy, press and hold the clock button, until the icon changes on the screen to the clock, the re flash light flashes as a warning and bingo 10 seconds later a photo..bingo.