… of what basically looks

… of what basically looks like a mini laptop if you think about it…the Sony Clie UX50. At the end of the day the idea is to have the functionality of a laptop without the huge time it takes to boot up or the size and weight…I wonder if anyone has come up up with small device that boots up instantaneously and has all the functions you require plus a decent keyboard, now if somebody had that it would be a real winner…but hey didn’t the PSION5mx do most of that and more?..if only it didn’t have a colour screen and a camera and it would be pretty near perfect. The Psion 5 had what is undisputedly the best keyboard of any palm device.

…something’s gone very stange with

…something’s gone very stange with the pics..they’re hosted of the ADSL web space with PIPEX, but they don’t appear anymore….hmm. Our webpage is still there, but no pics?…I wonder if I’ve exceeded the 50mb file space?..the plot thickens…I’m not going to panic too much as the whole shooting match is about to change over to BT as work has kindly agreed to pay for my ADSL, so I’ll sort out then. So if I stop blogging around the 21st you’ll know ‘cos PIPEX have terminated and BT have screwed up…place your bets now

…well it’s now connected to

…well it’s now connected to the network xxx.xxx.xxx.7 and accessible via VNC, so no keyboard or mouse is required. But the limited disk space, 1gb, is still causing me the biggest headache. I think I’ll try and pay the local computer fair a visit and pick up a decent sized HD for as cheap as poss.