Mozilla Version 1.4 is out

Mozilla Version 1.4 is out and it has a built in pop-up blocker…so that’s downloading in the background.

More walking Gear..yep ..I had to throw out my decorating pair of smelly trainners, so the current ones have been downgraded to decorating shoes, so a gap was there to fill, so I bought mysef a pair of Salomon X-A Pro’s going to run them in tomorrow and the next few walks ready for the 2 dayer in August.

No more saddle sore…The Specialized Body Geometry Saddle is turing out to be a real winner, the bike is so much more comfy. I think an all day trip would be fine now, the old ‘razor’ sadle was a killer.

Unreal..sorted..a copy from Amazon is on order and due soon..we’ll see if I make monday night’s game.

still no joy on the

still no joy on the lack of PCI slots on the possible smoothie box, so it looks like I might but the whole idea on the back burner for a while, but in the mean time invest in some more RAM for Han Solo [my machines are named after Star Wars Characters..yes ..sad.. I know] and purchase a copy of Unreal Tournament 2003 and join some of the guys from work online on Monday night for a bit of online gaming….look out Death Deliverer is back!

I’ve now spent some time

I’ve now spent some time looking for a tool that put’s on your blog what you’re listening tool. I’ve found tools for use if you’re using Winamp, but I don’t. I’ll have to keep searching, but if you know of one drop me an email.

Maybe I should look for a more intelectual one, i.e. what I’m reading!…Heart of Darkness …still!

Still haven’t made my mind

Still haven’t made my mind up on what to do…but putting smoothwall on the new box is hot favourite. I finally found the time to pull the case of the new box only to find 2 spare PCI slots, so my plan of connecting 3 nic’s into it has gone on hold until I figure what I need to do. I’ve figured out a setup I want, but I haven’t sorted the IP addresses out yet, but that’s straight forward. I’ve now got a copy of Smoothwall on CD, kindly burned by Russ today in Warwick.

The other option is just to put some flavour of linux on it and use it as a web server that runs apache and CGI and do some interesting things on the web pages.

My current network doesn’t merit a firewall as I run NAT and you can’t route the IP addresses behind the router, but it’d be fun getting it all to work. I could ditch the software Firewalls of the PC’s then, maybe they’d run a bit quicker as a result?