An american web site to

An american web site to see what phone you should have…

I think I also need to do some testing of the Typepad blog as well, but too tired, I’ve got unreal installed now, had to upgrade the drivers for my Nvidia graphics card though, but now works fine, I guess the real test will be next Monday in the online game. I must remember to record [spooks] though as that’s on at the same time.

I’ve now got this week’s walk planned 15 and 1/2 miles around Church Stretton, that should be fun, hope it’s not too hot.

off on a buiness trip tomorrow, sunny Lotun, so a night in a hotel, I’ll see what the connecitivity is like at the hotel..poor I expect.

Just had a rather strange event with M$ visio, I needed to uninstall it, but it didn’t show up in the add/remove programs section so a bit confused at first, but by following the install and then selecting the uninstall option, it’s finally coming off my laptop.. But it’s a bit pants and not very intuitive…it’s not been the same since M$ bought visio.

Here’s an article about WIRED

Here’s an article about WIRED Magazines favourite gadgets..

I have 2 of the items..well nearly…a shower radio..and an 802.11b wireless network…oh well!

AOL Journals’s..that blogs to you and me….AOL is bringing Blogging to he masses. That 404 page again….The now infamous 404 message page also get’s a mention.

But this is the article is the most interesting…software more hardware upgrades..